Pitfall Micay

Micay is the Princess of El Dorado.

  • Micay - the local native princess, who according to Harry is "Smokin' hot". In the game, he is required to "rescue" her. She loves butterflies and flirts with Harry on several occasions. She comes from the past and needed Harry to find all the artifacts so that she could save El Dorado and her people from the Spanish invaders. For his pains in rescuing her, he is given his shield.
  • Micay is voiced by Cree Summer-Francks.

Biography Edit

Spanish Invasion Edit

As the Spanish were about to invade El Dorado, Micay was sent into the future by her father to ensure the prophecy was fullfilled and that El Dorado could be saved.

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Edit

Micay aids Harry in his quest, believing him to be the man from the prophecy who would help to save El Dorado.