Nicole McAllister Snow Jacket

Nicole McCallister Is an archaeologist who goes in search of her father who went searching for El Dorado.

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Edit

Harry's love interest and eventual girlfriend, Nicole is an attractive bookworm/archaeologist who came to the jungle to look for her father Kevin. She enlists in the help of an evil shaman named Pusca, who helped her find the temple where her father was last seen. Upon finding his lifeless body, Nicole becomes distraught and desperately searches for a loophole that will bring Kevin back. She is comforted by Harry, who sends her back to base camp, where she goes missing. Later, she returns to the Gate of El Dorado, and along with Harry and Micay, she places the artifacts in their slots and opens the gate before stealing them and revealing that she made a deal with the sorcerer Pusca: if she opened the gate, he was going to send her back six months in time to save her father. She is unaware that Pusca has no more use for her now and kills her before taking Micay and the artifacts through the time portal, and Harry goes in after them. After getting the magical powers from one of Micay's butterflies and defeating Pusca, Harry returns to the present, where her body lay. Using the same magic powers, he holds her, kisses her and brings her back to life, and the two are seen kissing at the very end of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a running gag throughout the game in which she becomes more scantily clad throughout the game. until she is only wearing a cropped tank top and short-shorts. This is presumably an homage to Lara Croft
  • Nicole is playable by using a cheat code. .