Super Pitfall - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 7611:08

Super Pitfall - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 76

Super Pitfall was released by Activision in 1987.. It was the first Pitfall game by Activision on the NES. It was also released on the PC-8801 and the Famicom.

The historyEdit

This game is actually a remake of the last pitfall game, pitfall 2; the lost caverns. After Super pitfall, Activision was planning to make Super Pitfall II, but it was cancelled and turned into Sunsoft's Atlantis No Nazo. 

The storyEdit

This game features two new characters that have never appeared in any of the previous games. Introduced by the Saturday morning Television show, PITFALL! were two new companions, Pitfall Harry's niece, Rhonda, and a cowardly Lion named Quickclaw. Pitfall Harry must explore the unexplored lost caverns to find the precious Raj diamond, but then Rhonda was turned to stone and Quicklaw was captured and put into a cage by the people of the evil 'underground kingdom'. The only thing that can save Rhonda is a magical antidote, and to save Quicklaw Harry must find a key. 

The game received a '1/10' to a '5/10' by gamers. It is a mediocore game.  

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