Pitfall! Timeline

Pitfall Timeline

This is an attempt to build a chronological timeline for te Pitfall franchise. Due to a big lack of information among the games, many information must be presumed.

  • End of the 1920s: Estimated Birth of Harry Pitfall. (In 1935 Pitfall's appearance and attitude seems to be of a 16 year old boy. assuming an older Harry also doesn't fit for the next Pitfall games!)
  • 24.01.1935 [Pitfall: The Big Adventure / Pitfall: The Lost Expedition]: Harry is in a plane soaring over the Peruvian jungle. Because a thunderstorm the plane crashes, and so the adventure begins (Pitfall's estimated age: 16)
  • 1945s - 1975s [Saturday Supercade - Pitfall]: Harry Pitfall, together with his niece Rhonda and his pet Quick Claw, he takes adventures arround the world: Pitfall's Panda Puzzle, Amazon Jungle Bungle, Raiders of the Lost Shark, Tibetan Treasure Trouble, Masked Menace Mess, The Sabretooth Goof and The Pyramid Panic. (it's improbable that these adventures happened in 1983 between the events of Pitfall! and Pitfall II: first because it would be a to short time period for seven adventures; second because Pitfall's appearence seems to be a 30-40 year old man)
  • ~1976: Birth of Harry Pitfall Jr.
  • 20.04.1982 [Pitfall!]: Harry Pitfall explores a big jungle collecting treasures. (Pitfall's estimated age: 63)
  • 16.09.1983 [Pitfall II - Lost Caverns]: Harry Pitfall explores the underground caverns of Machu Pichu in Peru. Quickclaw and Rhonda had disappeared and he must find them! Besides, he also is looking for the Raj diamond... (Pitfall's estimated age: 64)
  • 11.1987 [Super Pitfall]: Pitfall is in the Andes Mountains and must go behind the Raj diamond (again). He must again rescue Quickclaw and Rhonda; but this time Rhonda was turned to stone! Pitfall explores the caverns area and he must also go to another dimension, the dark world, to complete his mission! (Super Pitfall seems to be more a sequel than a remake of Pitfall II: allthough the story is similar, the game name, Pitfall's appearance (fatter) and even the gameplay is drastically different! - it's more plausible to assume that the Raj Diamond was stolen back to the Andes from some evil entity, and that this entity turned Rhonda to stone) (Pitfall's estimated age: 68)
  • 1989 [Super Pitfall II]: Harry Pitfall goes to explore the secrets of Atlantis (Pitfall's estimated age: 70)
  • 11.1994: [Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure]: Harry Pitfall and his 18 year old son, Harry Pitfall Jr. are searching Mayan treasures. Pitfall Harry is taken captive by the Lord of Evil. So must Harry Pitfall Jr. rescue his father! (Pitfall's estimated age: 75; Pitfall Jr.'s age 18)
  • 28.02.1998 [Pitfall: Beyond the Jungle]: Harry Pitfall Jr. helps the Moku civilization with Mira's guidance (Pitfall Jr's age: 22)
  • 09.08.2012 [Pitfall!]: Pitfall must escape from an active volcano and collect treasures along his way. (Pitfall Jr.'s age: 36)
  • 12.03.2014 [Pitfall! Krave]: Pitfall must again escape from an active Volcano; this time collecting parts from a shattered chocolate idol! (Pitfall Jr.'s age: 38)